21 January 2010

Tanah Rata - Cameron Highlands

This morning we took a tour through the surroundings of the 'Camerons'. Th start at a temple, Sin poh Temple, then we went to the Rose gardens. A nice area, with lots of flowers and very nice views. After that of to the Butterfly Garden. At first I thought the guide took us to the wrong place or something like that, as they showed us nothing but insects, spiders, snakes, cameleons, leguana's etc .... some of 'm very scary .... But then we walked into an area with lots of pretty butterfly's.
Right after that the guide took us to a Strawberry farm. Nothing special, but the strawberries tasted excellent!!! Then of to the honeybee farm. That was a little bit boring. Just a garden with many 'bee-houses', but that's it. Last but not least for a tealover like I am, we took of to the tea plantage. That was amazing. Especially the views. A little bit hard to describe, but when I'm home I will download a picture from it.
As this was the last site of the tour I hopped of a went on on my own. There was a trail I wanted to hike and the start was pretty close to the tea plantage. The weather still looked fine at that time. I was facing a hike up from abou 5 close to 6km. Very steep, but right in between the teaplants. After about 2km it started to rain a little. That didn't take long as before I knew it was like someone opened up the tap above. I was completely wet!!! Still the scenery was great, so I kept on walking, like I had another choice. Then at the top of the mountain I had to decend as well. The way was pretty good, as in was a paved road..... but down ..... right through the jungle. Slippery, soft ground.... The trail wasn't a tough one for endurance, but is was quite a challenge to find the spots I could step on without having my shoes and feet get suck into the ground. But even with that in my mind ..... it was awesome. The rain had stopped and I was completely alone in the jungle, sounds of raindrops falling from the leaves, birds and other sounds of nature, just lovely. I don't know how the trail down took me .... but according to the signs it was 3km. From the moment I started untill I was in the center of Brinchang it took me 3 hours. I found it surprisingly fast as the guide told me it would at least take me 2 hours to get to the top, and on the map it showed 2 hours for the trail as well .... Well never mind, as the rain was gone now, I decided to walk my way back to Tanah Rata completely. 5km in addition to what I have walked ... so in 40 minutes I was back ... I don't think it was 5km ... or I have walked very fast.
Well at least I had some training again :-)

20 January 2010

Teman Negara

From the city right into the Jungle.
The sound of cars is replaced by the sound of birds, insects and monkeys. Mmmm I love to be in the city, but the sounds of nature are just great. On the way to Teman Negara, a quick stop at a deer farm. Walked around for a little bit, have been able to feed some very hungry deer. And also a baby bear. So cute. Then then another stop at the Elephant Sanctuary. Very touristic, but a nice thing to do. Feed the elephants, ride on a elephant, then get to play in the water with the elephants. Nice stop. The straight on to Taman Negara. It's a national park, and the name actually means National park as well. The resort Mutiara is across the river and is right in the Nationial park, so a lot of animals nearby. Mainly leguana's and squirls and ofcourse bugs, but later also many monkeys!
The first evening we went out for a nightly walk hoping to spot some animals. Nothing, but it still was a nice walk around in the darkness. Different sounds than during the day.
The next day, we went out for another hike which was a bit more challenging, but I loved it. We ended the walk via the Canopy Walkway, which is hanging bridge through the jungle.
In the afternoon, we had a boat trip and went to visit the Orang Asli, the original inhabinants of this area. The chief of the village told us about their way of living and showed us some habits, like the way they shoot animals, and make fire. The live like nomads and there are 2 reasons for then to move. Either the food is gone or someone has died. A dead person never gets buried, but is kept high up in the tree, as there is too much bad stuff underneath the earth according to their believe. My personal reason not to be buried is there is insects in the ground which I do not like. Especially not here. I have seen ants as big as my big toe .... brrrr no way.
Next stop will be Cameron Highlands, Tamah Rata

18 January 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well it's been quite a while again. Traveling again, but no NZ this time :-(
Only half way, as I only have 2 weeks off of work. And for only 2 weeks to go to NZ... mmmm too short I think. So new choice: Malaysia.
Start in Kuala Lumpur. 2 full days. Love the city. Many contrasts, which I do like a lot.
Huge buildings, shoppingmalls but also things like markets and China Town. Ofcourse I went to the Petronas Towers. Saw by night and day and ofcourse went up to the skybridge and enjoyed the view. Went to see the KL Tower.... if you just take a quick look it's teh Skytower in Auckland... Just a little higher. Went to Chinatown, some markets, saw some temples, mosques. Walked around the city, but also enjoyed the monorail, which is a great way for transportation. Went to the fishspa and made sure the fish had a great lunch. Then I enjoyed a massage afterwards. The food is great here in Malaysia. It's cheap, healthy if you'd like it to be.
Actually 2 days in Kuala Lumpur is too short. But got to go on to Teman Negara!!

21 August 2009

Beach babes KLM

Having fun with KLM colleagues at the beach in Wijk aan Zee. We are just having this awesome summer, with great weather, nice temperatures. Only few days of rain, I'm loving it.

Just keep in mind, we weren't great volleyball players. But we were the best in having a great time!!!

16 July 2009

Long time ago....

Many reasons why I haven't been blogging for a while.
Maybe not a lot of interesting stuff to tell, too busy to make time, it's summer and the weather has been awesome. I have been working a lot at KLM, but also teaching my classes, ding module training and quarterlies...... mmmmm more excuses, or didn't I just feel like writing.
Well I don't know, but here I am again.
Pompadour was awesome, my very first trainer summit. It was very much worth it. I had a great time and learned so much.
First hous and hours in the bus going to Pompadour, then when were finally able to sleep, thinking that would be for about 2 hours, but it appeared to be only 5 mins, as there was a BP Masterclass straight away. So without any sleep, I got up from the bed again, took a shower an went straight into BP 71 ... Then a full day of workshops practising and finally presenting. Man, I was nervous..... presenting as 'baby' trainer, on a huge stage with so many experienced trainers, DVD presenters and even Phillips Mills and Steven Renata in the class. And ofcourse in english, without any sleep ...... I think I can be proud of myself that I did it...... Yeah!!!

The next day was about the same, but then for BA. I did not present BA as each trainer was only presenting one program.
Both evenings filled with parties and lots of buffalo's :-)
It was awesome!!!!!

Further on, I have been enjoying this great summer we have here this year. Going to the beach, spending time at the boat of my parents. Staying up late, eating out in the backyard with friends, drinking wine and then thinking: man, I gotta get up at 4.30 to go to work again.....
Yep that's life here at the moment.

I am preparing now for the quarterlies coming up in August. Last week I received BP71, now I'm learning choreo again. Almost got the whole thing.

Another thing, I have started running, yessss, running. Can't say I really like it, but it's a good training for BA and BS. And I will be taking part in the WARR. This is a race which is organized in the airline industry yearly and now is organized in China, Hangzhou, near Shanghai. One of my colleagues has been participating for a couple of years now, and she kept asking if I wanted to join her. Since I had never run b4, this never seemed to be a good idea. But this year I decided it would be agood thing to train for. I will be doing the 10k run. It'll be fun, but it's still a struggle for me to go get up and run. Once I'm running I'm okay, and I do kind or like it then. But just te moment of getting up, change and get my running shoes .... mmmmm. Will I ever get over this?
Well next time a bit more about this. Now I have to go change and go get my bike to go to the gym. BP and BA tonight.... which is no struggle :-)


24 May 2009


Today I'm leaving for my first Euro Trainer Summit in France. Wow, I'm so excited! Getting my stuff ready, wow that many clothes for only three days?! Can't choose what to bring ... Besides sports gear I will need to bring my party clothes Yeah!!! Oh and something to tie my right hand up because of all the Buffalo's .... hahaha
Well gotta go pack